* NO ODOUR and it’s 100% Green & Eco-Friendly

*All Ingredients are Natural.

* Environmentally Safe Recycled Packaging

* NO Sanding Required

* CeCe Caldwells Paint has Excellent Coverage

* A Little Goes a Long Way
* Easy To Thin
* Chalk Paint Lends Itself to Many Styles
* Easy Clean-Up
* Great for Beginners
* Made in the USA

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CeCe Caldwell Clay Paint Review


Here is what I love about the paint.


1. It is all green.  You can paint indoors, with kids and animals around, and when you are pregnant.  It is all natural and has no fumes to the paint.  This is especially nice when it is too cold for me to paint outside.  I can just bring it indoors and not worry about ventilation.

2.  You don’t need to sand before you paint. While you do want to properly prep your surface to make sure it is even and free of any grease the CeCe Caldwell paint sticks to everything without sanding.  It is nice to not have to have the extra step of priming.

3.  The wax is amazing.  Not only do I love the finish, but this wax goes a long way.  I applied it with a wax brush and then buffed it to a nice hard finish.  You can tell with clarity where you have waxed, since the paint turns much darker when it is applied.  This stuff smells great and is non-petroleum based so you can ship it via the post office

4.  It is chalk and clay based paint.  Since the paint has clay in it it will be very obvious if it is still wet or not.  Since it dries fast as well you can easily do a project in a day without a need for a day dry time.  Plus it dries to a matte finish

5.  This paint is perfect for layering and distressing.  This paint is made for layering.  You just paint one on top of the other.  You can sand it or wet rub it off like Jessie did with a wet rag.  The wet distressing was perfect since Jessie painted a picture frame and wanted the original gold to pop through.

To read more visit:http://www.infarrantlycreative.net/2012/12/cece-caldwell-clay-and-chalkpaint-review.html

CeceCaldwells-Chalk-Paint-Review-button-copyCeCe Caldwell’s paints are 100 % naturally green, people & earth friendly, made in America!!!
    • *No Volatile Organic Compounds(VOC’s),
    • *Non-toxic, 
    • *No odor,
    • * Mineral Paint
(The minerals are clay, porcelain clay, & chalk blended into a water-base solution.)
The clear wax is very low odor, non-streaking & made from insect & plant sources.
Both paint & wax are packaged in recycled plastic containers.
The paint is self-priming, superior adhesion means that most surfaces don’t require a prep coat of primer prior to painting.
One or two coats generally give complete coverge.
Follow with a coat of clear wax & you have painting made easy, whether you’re a DIYer, professional, or a first-time painter.
The color inspiration comes from the mountains, coastal areas,deserts, cities & rural towns all across the United States.
CeCe Caldwell’s has created an eco-friendly, easy to use chalk & clay paint.
It’s naturally green, in the color of your choice.